These people were contracted to build a fence portion with a gate in my back yard. A few months later the gate collapsed because they only anchored it with a few nails into my home’s siding. Boards fell off with in a month and their idea of a latch was a hole with a wire through it that needs to be pulled to open the gate. When I complained the latch at the end of construction I was told it was temporary and they’d be back to finish it. After repeated calls I was told they would be here on Monday, then again on next Monday, then, “Oh, I meant next Monday.” I have posted on their Facebook but now they have removed the comment section. I have also been contacted by other unhappy customers and have agreed to testify against these culprits. My report to the Better Busness Bureau is pending because of BBB website issues. Be forewarned. There are much better, dependable, reliable construction firms in this city. Avoid Blake Slate.

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