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07/23/09 I presented to Corky the facts for my 1997 Toyota Corolla that Valvoline Oil Change store last year diagnosed check engine light to code EGR Flow Insufficient. Since I need to pass emission testing by the end of August this year, I went there just to get the paper that I would not pass and the code of the Vehicle Inspection Report is P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected. Corky saw these reports and I left them on the front seat. Corky wrote as my Concern Customer stated malfunction indicator light is on. 30 minutes later he hands me a report and I have to pay $54.08 for it showing Correction RECOMMEN REPLACE EGR VALVE, VSV FOR EGR, MODULATOR, AND CLEAN INTAKE PORTS $804.00 PARTS AND LABOR BEFORE SHOP SUPPLIES AND TAX. TECH 020, TEAM 3. TOTAL CHARGE FOR CONCERN $45.00, SUPPLIES $4.50, TAXES $4.58. I told Corky that my car came out of New Orleans and a relative had paid $1,200 for it and I could not do what they are suggesting and I left. On 07/27/09 I read on the internet about P0401 Insufficient EGR Flow being an annoying issue and lots of people advising each other. My son thought my car was idling differently since it came back from Beaman and I suddenly had starting issues even though last year a new starter was put in the car. It sounded electrical. On 07/29/09 I asked to see Supervisor Chris Back at Beaman and asked he check if anything is loose since I noted different issues since my visit. He found nothing. In regard to the estimate he just smiled maybe because I was a female customer. I told him I may not be mechanically inclined but I can read and research and put different opinions together and find answers because I was not stupid and I will be reporting back which means I have to go to a mechanic I can trust and have paid $54.08 for nothing. A mechanic at a shop I trust today, 07/31/09, found an EGR transducer was needed for $217 plus tax. The VSV is an electrical part that in some models gets hot because of its location near the engine, however, in the 1.6 liter engine of my Toyota it is nowhere near the engine block and it does not apply. He saw an 1300 Ignitor code that had not been there before everyone’s testing but could not find cause and it did not reappear after being reset. My check engine light is off and I paid $236.70 for parts, labor, tax, the Transducer/EGR being a part in the amount of $104.16. I have passed emission testing. Gabriele Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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