• 10463 JAMES MONROE HWY CULPER, Virginia U.S.A.

On January 21, 2007 my son tells me that he needs 2 front tires for his 2000 Ford Escort, so I contacted Battlefield Ford Mercury in Culpeper, VA and spoke with a Brandon. I was informed that the tires would be ordered and delivered to them. So I arrived thre approx @1:30. Approx 2:30 I was informed that I was in need of brakes badly. So I authorize the brake work. I sat there until 6:30pm watching customers come in and out of the business. (I am beginning to feel as though this is maybe a racial issue as well). As I stated by 6:30pm I am informed that my car was ready. I asked if the car was ok, Brandon responded to me “As far As I know”. (not sure what that was suppose to have meant). My son drives his car home and I am mine. When I get home, my son says not to go in the house, the car wasn’t stopping properly. I return that night, then I am given a loaner car. I call @11:00am on January 22, 2008, my car still isn’t ready. At 2:00 I call again, my car still isn’t ready. I speak to the Mgr., Roy Garrison, he tells me that the problem was that the brakes had not been bled. He assures me that the car is braking properly. Um, my son picks up the car around 5:30, he calls me tells me to come straight home, the car still isn’t fixed properly. Now, I am asking for my money back and I am informed that will not be happening. So I take the car to Cowles Ford in Woodbridge, VA where I usually have it serviced and they tell me that basically Battlefield Ford Mercury has messed up my front Rotors and it’s going to cost me an additional $365 to fix the problem. I contacted Battlefield Ford Mercury again, and spoke with Roy Garrison, I was told that I would not be getting any money returned, I stated that I felt that maybe this was a racial issue also, and that I had reported them to the Better Business Bureau, his attitude over the phone was basically……OK No seeing if something could be done, or stating that we’re are not racist here, nothing. I can’t believe that in 2008, racism still lives, especially in business’ So now What………. Theresa CULPEPER, VirginiaU.S.A.

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