• 2211 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA 95825 Sacramento, California U.S.A.

I bought my car in Feb 2008 at Autoville of Sacramento, CA. The car was $18000. I put $4000 as a down payment. All my previous car buying experiences were all pleasant so I really wasn’t expecting anything to go wrong. I was dead wrong. After talking to Fransico, who is a sales man there. We agreed to a 60 month term. I signed the contract and left with the car. I did not know I was just a victim of a spot delivery scam. They called me back in and said I could not get financed. I did not understand why. I asked for my money back. Fransico told me it dosen’t work that way. Again I was confused. I signed another contract at 72 month. Another mistake. They kept asking me for more money down. Now I am stuck paying full price for my car. Fransico, the sales man just pocketed my $4000 down payment. I soon realized the reason why I did not qualify for my 60 month term. I was reading the first contract and it says 84 months!!! He also tried to get me financed for the full price of the car. He tried to get me financed for 84 months instead of our agreed 60 months. This really makes me feel sick to my stomach. How greedy can you be!! I work hard just like everybody. Why is it that car dealerships are allowed to scam people out of their money? I need to get a new 60 month contract because they lied to me from the start or to get my $4000 dollars back to put towards my car. I qualified for 60 months but they told me i didn’t. I don’t think it is right to take advantage of people like this. I need legal help. If you guys are reading this and know a lawyer that can help me, please give them my email adress. Thank you. Madisonr34 Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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