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Back in March 2006, I was headed to school and my engine blew. I called AAA for a tow and asked them for a recommendation of a repair shop. They sent me to Autotronics. It cost me 4 thousand dollars to place a rebuilt engine into my car. Ultimately, over a 6 month period they installed 3 rebuilt engines. Finally, they got a decent one. About a week and a half ago, my alternator died. Was in the shop for two weeks. Got the car back last friday and go to drive it off and some electrical things happened — ie a fuse blew. Mechanic put in a new fuse and said any more problems bring it back. I am sure he regrets these words. Monday on my way home from work, my trunk light went on, my brake light went on, then the engine light went on. The car started to be sluggish. Then it acted as though it were possessed. The car died and then restarted itself on its own. Finally it would not start at all. Had to have it towed back to my mechanics. After spending three days looking for the problem, my mechanic explained to me that Toyota Camry’s have a place for the electrical harness. It is supposed to hang on hooks behind the engine. The mechanic at Autotronics just left it hanging. The harness finally became damaged enough to start causing problems. It fried my alternator, my starter and kept the ignition switch constantly running, thus causing the car to start and stop. It also caused it to have no power and nearly killed me on I-95. I find Autotronics to be extremely careless and when you point anything out to them they get nasty. I remember thinking how greatful I was when AAA recommended someone so close — especially since I was commuting from Jacksonville to Orlando. That was another nightmare in itself… They would have my car for weeks at a time and it would cost me to rent cars…I should have had the car towed back to Jacksonville. I would not recommend this shop to anyone and will report them to the BBB as well. Margaret Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.

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