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On the date of February 28, 2007 I took my 1998 Audi A6 to Autobahn Automotive 8025 Anderson Road Tampa, FL 33634 to have my air condition checked although the air conditioner ran fine I noticed that the engine would began to over heat if the car would seat still for along period of time. David whom was the mechanic said that he would have to do a scan of the car to determine the problem, and the cost would be $90.00 plus tax, and I would have the leave him the car over night. The next day I attempted to contact David a dozen times, but was unable to reach him, and no one else could tell me what was going on with my car so I decided to go up to Autobahn to talk with David. After waiting forty-five minutes I finally got the chance to talk with him. He explained that he could not do the scan of the car do to my ABS Control Unit would need to be replaced, and the cost for part is $499.00 plus labor $369.00. I then told him that I could fine the part new at a lesser price he strongly disagreed, but was still willing to do the job. He then said the labor was difficult and a half a days job do to having to take off a number of parts to get to the ABS Control Unit. I felt really uneasy about what he was telling me. He still charged me the $90.00 plus tax for the scan although he was unable to get a reading. I left the shop with my car, and an hour later I noticed the car starting to run very ruff, and wouldnt pick up power. The check engine light came on and the car cut off, and wouldnt start for the next hour. I called David, and explained that my car had never had a problem like this before I brought it to him. He than said I need to get the ABS Control Unit and bring it back to him. My car never had an engine problem, and never ran ruff. I contacted the Audi dealership an explained the situation to them, and learned that its likely David caused this problem. My car no longer runs now. So Im having the Audi dealership take a look at it. David and the owner of Autobahn refuse to rectify the problem. Billy Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.

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