I had a bad feeling about this company when I ordered my cold air intake for my truck, now I wish I would have listened to my gut. After ordering my part I checked my account to see if the payment cleared and saw it did but the name was for another site called Custom Maxima based out of Florida. I checked Custom Maxima and sure enough its another car part site and the website looks almost exactly the same, it was made by the same company so not too suprised there. I then tried the online chat to get more information, like the tracking number and estimated time I would recieve my part. No answer from online so I called and did not get an answer. This is when I checked reviews and found this site and others saying this is a bad company. I got ahold of somebody on the phone the next morning and they sounded outsourced, maybe the phone connection was just bad but they said the parts usually get shipped 1-2 days after the order, that was the 2nd day after so I asked if that meant it would be out that day and the guy I talked to said yes and I would get an email notifying me of the tracking number on a good note he was able to find my order with the exact brand and model so that made me feel a bit better. By the end of the day I still did not get an email so I called back got an answering machine left a message asking for an update and tried the online chat once more. I did talk to a rep online that found my order the same as the one I talked to on the phone and after a long wait said they’ll email me once they recieved word from their warehouse, I asked how long that usually took and the person asked me to hold on, an hour later I had to leave for work with still no answer, its now been a few days and I am still without any sort of solid answer. I’ve even looked up the address on google maps now saw the address street view and nothing in the area had the store name on it but there were some buildings that looked like warehouses. Update I called back and was promised that I would be getting a full refund by the end of the work day… That was 3 days ago now I’m looking to see how I can pursue this further.

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