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I am a single mother of 4 who had recently lost her job and could no longer afford my current car note. I was referred to Auto Mart by a relative and we both figured we could trust them. I discussed different options with the gentleman by the name of “Cam” who in turn seemed trustworthy and caring about my delicate situation. On July 27, 2011, I eventually purchased a 2002 Buick Century for an agreement of $1200. I gave ALL the money I had saved which was $1000 with the balance to be paid after 8/20/2011. As soon as I got home with the car, I noticed problems, i.e, transmission fluid started leaking out, windshield wiper broke, AC stopped working, gas gauge was broken (got stranded on the highway that is how I found out)etc,etc. I immediately contacted him and was told to meet him at the car lot but he never showed. I decided that it would just be something I have to work on since I decided to do business with him and that these things can happen when you purchase a used vehicle but on 8/16/2018 approximately 18 days later, my son advised me that the car was not in the driveway. My initial thought was that it had been stolen and immediately contacted the police and tried reaching “Cam” to advise him of the incident. It was then that he informed me that he had repossessed the car for what he called “Incomplete paperwork”???? and if I wanted to reclaim the vehicle I had to pay an additional $400 for a repo fee, $125 for the key recovery fee, and $216 for the balance owed!! To make matters worse, he told me I only had 6 days to pay him or he was reselling the car!!! All I could do was cry, the police advised me of what I needed to do as they agreed that this sounded like I had been scammed. I was a perfect target, single mother, struggling, and in need of transportation for me and my children. I have since filed a claim against the company and they failed to respond so I am moving forward to reclaim my money. In the meantime, as I walk in the rain with my toddler, trying to survive, he rides past me in the same car he sold to me, how cruel? I don’t know who may see this but it just breaks my heart every time I have to relive the chain of events that took place, I mean how can people be so malicious and they know you are struggling to survive in this economy? I would have never done that to someone. Now, as I wait,and walk, they are continuing with business as usual. I sure do hope someone hears me and don’t allow this company to do the same thing to them.

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