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Well I used to work for this company before citigroup bought them out and merge them with Transouth and AutoOne, and started changing how things go, THIS COMPANY is in so MANY violations and covers it up with SNOW STORIES – All of the Double payment – Been there – Me as a Collector was told by upper managment to tell them that they agreed to the payment authorization, even tho we know it was an error! Also all the calls back to back are a result in the dialer team being SLACK and could really cost this company some serious money!! -That is HARRASSMENT and they know it just no one steps up and files for it, but what happens is say an example that has happen many times. I will call jane doe “or the computer will for me” and i end the call cause she says she can’t make a payment until tomorrow, ok that is a done deal, well cause there dialer team is SLACK the person makybe 3 desk down calls them cause of the dialer and this happens 3-4-5 times a day on some accounts, and even on account that have already paid still get these calls, my intention was to let everyone know they will snow storm you, and tell you a few things, if there is a payment that was double charged out of your checking account UNAUTH. tell them they have 24 hours to return it no matter what they have to do so, and if not speak or mention Mark Duda and that will get them movning, cause if they refuse and say you told them to that is a violation, and cancling post dated checks THEY CAN DO IT, even tho we are told to tell customers too late or we cannot, first of all taking a post dated check is against violation, causing know the funds are not def there cause something could happen, anything really.This company is doing and knowing that they are breaking laws every 2-6 mins and do nothing about it !!! Just watch out for this company, they will stick it to you!! LJ Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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