• 67 Chemin Du Verdier Val-Des-Mont, Quebec Canada

Anne-Marie Aube advertised a litter of purebred registered border collie puppies. I contacted her about the puppies when they were only a few days old. She wanted me to pick out my immediately from only one photo and would only hold a puppy with a deposit. I should have been suspicious when she didn’t ask me one question, except insisting on an e-mail money transfer. I sent her $400 for a deposit. Then she sent me a contract in French. The contract said that the dog must be spayed/neutered. She did not mention this before taking my deposit. I asked for this clause to be dropped. She said that she would drop this clause if I paid DOUBLE the original agreeded upon price. I said that I wouldn’t pay double the price, she said that she would send my deposit back. Weeks went by. I asked her again, she said that her son had been sick and she would send my money back in a week. Weeks went by, my e-mails went unanswered. I called her – always got an answering machine – left a message many times. Months went by and she sent another e-mailed saying she would send my money back next week. Now it has been many months. She doesn’t return my calls (always get the answering machine), she doesn’t return my emails. She has stolen my money. I now wonder if she even ever had a litter of puppies. I called the Border Collie registry and they have never heard of her and have never registered a litter of puppies from her. I thought she was a nice person, but I was wrong, she is a thief. Do not deal with Anne-Marie Aube.

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