This company posted an ad on Indeed looking for Foreclosure Specialists or Couriers in the Charlotte area. I applied for the position and received an email about a week later to join a webinar. The job was a 1099 position or independent contractor so I know with these types of jobs its normal for you to have to pay something since its technically your business and you are not an employee. It would have been a great job, if it was real. Never have to go into an office, work when you want as long as you meet the monthly requirements and you make an easy $1,800/month. Chris Marshall, supposedly the underwriting manager, informed “us” that we had to pay $7 for setup and on boarding fees and then another $93 for the training classes. I was perfectly fine with the cost especially since I am an real estate agent looking to get into the foreclosure business. He said that the pay was $1800/month and that you had to leave a note on people’s doors that we going under foreclosure and a few other issues and then try to get the to sell their house to American Property Solutionz. I had not heard from him since the webinar other than to pay the $7 to start the process. I was more than happy with paying that and then for some reason I felt like I needed to research this “real estate company” further. The website is very vague which was the first red flag and unfortunately I didn’t research it before I paid the fee. There is no address, phone number or anything to click on besides request info and contractor login. When I finally got a response from Mr. Marshall about why I hadn’t heard anything about the next steps of the process he said that the “contract” we had to sign was being completed and that it took time for these things. So I waited another week or so and still nothing. The HR number was actually his number because he was the one on the voicemail! I knew at this very moment that I had in fact been scammed and thankfully, due to his incompetence to respond to me in a timely manner I never reached the final process of paying the $93 for the training. I immediately emailed him about a refund of my $7 which I have yet to receive (and of course never will get back). He informed me that this was a REAL opportuninity but I only needed patience. Well Mr. Marshall, the last time I checked it doesnt take a month and half to start a d**n job! He told me that he would issue a refund and that it should be returned back within 10-12 business days. NEVER received it! (asked on May 13, 2019 and it is now June 12, 2016, nothing has been refunded) I did receive another email from him about another webinar I had to attend after I had already requested my refund. I did not join the webinar, though I should have because I am curious about what other lies he would have told me about this “opportunity” as he called it. I just hope this posting helps others out there that are really looking for legitimate work and to steer clear of this posting if you ever see it.

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