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We bought a new travel trailer. Salesman talked use into purchasing a 5 year coverage plan with Allegiance for $1200.00. The coverage sounded too good to be true. We were told if we had any problems with our trailer the insurance would pay for the repair, and after 5 years we could receive our $1200.00 back. Two years later, while traveling we had a problem with the axel. It cost $200.00 to repair, and we had to fight with Allegiance to have them pay us this small amount. It was ridiculous. Into the fourth year we had another axel problem. This time it was going to cost $600.00 to repair. One of Allegiances requirements is they need to approve the repair. Camping World contacted them by phone and Allegiance said they would send someone out to assess the damage in two days. Camping World informs us this is a tactic insurance companys use all the time. They know you are probably traveling and do not have the time to wait. Or, your vehicle is in for repair, cannot be driven or towed, and you may have to pay to stay at a hotel. We ended up paying out of our own pockets to have it fixed. We now find out the salesman who sold us the insurance got it wrong. If you use the insurance for any reason you then become ineligible to receive a refund. Not only did we lose the $1200.00, but we had to fight with Allegiance to get paid $200.00, and Allegiance got out of paying any part of the $600.00 repair. If anyone is reading this DO NOT PURCHASE INSURANCE COVERAGE THROUGH ALLEGIANCE.

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