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At approximately 10:30 PM on December 15th, 2011, my pregnant wife parked her car in front of my mother’s house to pick up our 10 month old and 2 year old girls. She exited the house 10 minutes later to find that her car had been towed. There was no complaint made about her vehicle and there was no police order to tow the vehicle. Signage at the head to the street the house is on indicates that immobile, for sale, and illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owners expense. No where does it indicate what constitutes illegal parking and since she parked in front of my mother’s house, not blocking any driveway or in a fire lane or anywhere near any sign indicating that parking is prohibited.Afficient Towing contracts with the HOA in the neighborhood to tow vehicles. Since there was not sufficent time for anyone to make a complaint, call the towing company, or request her move her vehicle, this indicated that Afficient Towing trolls this neighboorhood with the intent to tow any vehicle they can, regardless of the legality and gives tow truck drivers the ability to decide on their own to tow a vehicle and, that in all liklihood, the driver saw my wife park her car, and immediately towed it. My pregnant wife was left stranded at 11:00 at night, with my 2 year old and 10 month old girls causing her severe emotional distress and anxiety as her wallet, identification, money, credit/debit cards, and our child saftey seats were all inside the car. She attempted to contact the towing company several times before someone finally answered the phone. When asked if she could at least retrieve her purse and child saftey seats so that I could safely, and legally, transport our children home, she was told no. She was also informed that there was no one at the tow yard that could help her and she would have to wait until the morning, yet this not true as there was not even sufficent time to transport the vehicle to the tow yard. She was forced to miss work the next day because they had deprived her of her transportation, was unable to purchase formula for our baby, and unable to even take the children home. When she attempted to retrieve her vehicle the next morning, the staff was incredible rude and refused to even provide the owner’s or manager’s name. She was informed that no one had entered her vehicle but this, too, was a lie as when she parked her car at my mother’s house she used her hand brake yet when she retrieved the vehicle, the hand brake was not engaged. When she had inquired about what kind of tow vehicle was used to tow her car, as some types can case damage and allignment issues, she was refused the information. Any reasonable person would have believed that this was a perfectly legal place to park and my wife’s actions were all very much legal. Afficient Towing is an unscrupulous and possibly criminal enterprise.

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