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Judge Fasanya is well to know exhibit systematic bias for Chinese litigants. He is married to a Chinese lawyer and his children are half-Chinese. Unscrupulous Chinese lawyers are actually advertising to Chinese non custodial parents who wish to have a change of custody hearing, that they can shop their cases to Judge Fasanya who will almost always grant them a hearing. I am a member of the 13-b counsel in Family Court, and among the group here, we cannot think of a single time Fasanya declined or dismissed petition for a change of custody initiated by a Chinese non-custodial parent. In fact the AD has overturned him: Appeals – Unified Court System See Ben Sze… and there are countless others with similiar fact patterns working through the system. This judge has a soft spot for Chinese non custodial parents filing frivolous actions. To any custodial parent who finds themselves against a Chinese litigant in Judge Fasanya’s court, my heart goes out to you. Your case will likely end up in the Appellate Division. This Judge has been demoted from custody to juvenile deliquency. Try to get the case dismissed, removed, anything to avoid the bias orders emanating from this judge.

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