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Hi, I have a 1995 mercedes benz S 500 that was taken to AAMCO freeport to be repaired. I was informed that it would cost me about $3,300 to be repaired. I consented and had them work on it. I paid the sum, got my car back and returned it to the shop the next day. It was not working right. to make a long story shorter, this went on for quite a while till I requested that each time the took my car I got a Receipt. Whell I took it back to them 6 times with receipts ( I sound like an Idiot now ) with AAMCO keeping it up to almost a month during one of the drop off. I kept in touch with the main office customer care rep Mr Matt during this time. I then requested another branch work on my car since I thought if freeport could not fix it in about a dozen times maybe someone else should. It was then reffered to Atlantic Ave, Broklyn branch. having kept for a week it was returned to me and still not working right. It slips so terrible I cannot take it to a hill location. Its now a $40,000 flat road car. I do not know what to do next, I will not sell it to someone knowing its not working right, and I can’t use it. its now sitting in my driveway. please understand everytime i take my car to AAMCO, its another cost to have a rental. I dont know what to do next to have my car repaired. Please can some one help? ***** PS this is a true story. Adesh New York, New YorkU.S.A.

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