Don’t take your car here for repairs and if you have just dropped it off after an accident go immediatey and take it somewhere else. They tore the car down and apart before my adjuster could even get out there an conduct a preliminary inspection. They are diceptive in their business. They offer you an incentive to come there of $500.00, if you are at fault they will pay your deductible if not at fault they will pay you $500.00. Well they do not care how your car is put together. Didn’t apply my trim on driver’s door correctly twice, didn’t repair drivers door but took the money for it, took money for OEM parts, but put aftermarket parts on my car. My accident/repairs were completed over 5 months ago and I am still dealing with getting information from them to find out what is on my car for warrany reasons, and appraisal issues. They refused to share information with me until I involved the BBB and stuck with the process. The work is shoddy. There was some sort of compound inside on my driver’s door (fingerprints) that doesn’t come off with water, my tray from center console was missing which they did replace, but why were they rifiling around in there anyway. Had to take my car back on two different occasions and there were still repair issues including things they just didn’t fix and still didn’t fix upon returning the car. I Refuse to take it back anymore after they screwed everything up and had ample time to make things right or fix mistakes. More things keep becoming apparent upon detailed inspections and driving of the car. My car was pristine before the accident and is not a hodge podge of aftermarket parts and shoddy work. I still owe $16k and I’m stuck with a voided warranty that I paid $1000.00 for when I purchased the Car in Dec2010. Bad experience. Go with your insurance companies preferred shops because you are protected from things like this that happened to me. Only take your car here if you are looking for a cheap fix, because that is the result that you will get “CHEAP”. Whoever paints the cars I feel sorry for as they do a great and professional quality job. Body work, mechanical issues, and repairs DO NOT GO HERE, for paint or clear coating, GO THERE!

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