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In January of 2018 it came to my attention that my vehicle was missing from the parking lot of an apartment building that I live in, and I came to find out that A1 Affordable Towing had towed my vehicle from my parking space, in the parking lot to the building that I live in here in Brockton, MA.When I contacted them, I was told by someone at A1 Affordable Automotive – AKA – A1 Affordable Towing that my car was towed because I was trespassing. I explained that I live at the address that they towed my car from, the car is registered and insured to me, all up to date, legally to this address, and in addition the car has a registered parking permit on the window issued by the owners of the building that I rent my apartment in, so if I have a resident parking permit, how am I trespassing by parking in my designated parking space where I live?They were not willing to reason with me and said that the only way that I could get my car back was to pay $159 for the tow and $35 per day in storage costs, which they said will only continue to be charged until I come to pay for my car to get it back.I explained to them that I am disabled and on a fixed income, and there is no way that I can afford to pay over $300 that they wanted for me to get my car back, and that if I was to wait until the first of the month when I get my social security check that by that time the storage fees will make it impossible for me to pay to get my car out, but they didn’t seem to care.As time went on, I had little choice but to leave my car there because before I knew it the amount they wanted to get my car back was over a thousand dollars when I only get just under 800 a month to live off from social security disability.I had little choice over the next few months but to continue leaving my car there, they were not willing to reason with me and I reached the point where I said let them take me to court because there is no way in hell that I am paying this money when I did nothing wrong for my car to be towed in the first place, and by June 2018 I got the notice in the mail from the court here in Brockton saying that A1 Affordable Towing was suing me.The court papers said that they were suing me for nearly $2,600.00 for towing costs, storage costs and legal fees. I was set to go into court with them on July 12th, 2011.I went to small claims court with them, here is the information for the case:A1 Affordable Towing vs. Linda DaggettDocket # 201115 SC 001240Hearing Date: Tuesday, July 12th, 2011A1 Affordable Towing sent a woman to small claims case to represent their company against me in small claims court in Brockton, MA. While we were waiting for our case to be called the woman tried speaking with me asking if I would like to settle the matter. I said that I am willing to settle the matter, but I refuse to pay anything, and if anything theyshould be paying me.Obviously at this point she didn’t want to discuss anything further alone with me and we were to go forward with our case being heard.I told the court exactly what happened, and showed them the proof I needed that the car was registered, insured and had a parking permit to be parked in the parking lot they towed it from. I did nothing illegal and yet my car was towed without my permission or knowledge until I seen it was gone and then could not afford to get my car out.I just got the paperwork from the court in the mail today with the court’s decision on the small claims case, and the court found in my favor, saying that I DO NOT owe A1 Affordable Towing a penny, they did in fact illegally tow my car, and they are to give me my car back immediately without me having to pay them anything. Furthermore the paper said they have no right to appeal the courts decision and that this is final.So this is a legal claim against them which can be verified that A1 Affordable Automotive – AKA – A1 Affordable Towing in the courts ruling did in fact illegally tow my car, held it on their property from January 2018 until present day being July 15th 2011… seven full months these people held my car against me on what the court found to be an illegal tow!!I will be going to A1 Affordable Towing tomorrow to get my car back. In addition, due to being without my car for half of this year, having to pay the insurance and all of the inconvenience this has caused me, I am considering opening a case against them seeing that they did in fact tow my car illegally which has caused unimaginable inconvenience over half of the year for me.From a consumers point of view, if you are ever considering doing any business at all with this company, for obvious reasons I would suggest not to even consider this place as an option to do business with, not for anything!!In addition to considering filing a lawsuit against A1 Affordable Towing, I am also moving forward with filing complaints against them with consumer fraud agencies, including the Better Business Bureau and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office.

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