Sheryl Clifton Hewitt – Florida

This woman is a monster. She works as a paralegal in the Orlando Florida area, and has used the system to file to the courts many false allegations, acting as an attorney. She has also filed over 30 false police reports/injunctions throughout the state of Florida. During her most recent marriage she sent dick pictures to her husband, of her boyfriends dick three weeks after their marriage. She was cheating with a massage therapist named Bruce Blauer aka baba Bruce, who was charged with rape in December 2018 in Pasco County Florida.

She also cheated on that same husband in 2015 in their own bed with a Dentist named John Altomare, who was running a brothel through his office in winter park Florida.

Upon learning that her new boyfriend was a sex offender, she had the father of her child thrown in jail when he went to rescue his child, making up charges that were later proven false. She has been caught lying in front of judges, fired from several jobs for unethical conduct and still keeps on going.

She uses many different aliases on Facebook to include Sherelle Marie, Sheryl Clifton, Marie.sherelle, Sheryl Martinez, Sheryl Preston. She is always on a dating site, even while married. She plays through victim role well, and portrays herself a true Christian woman, a woman of God to her church groups and outsiders. Beware of this woman. She has cheated on every husband 4, and many others. She will try to bury you if you find out her true colors. She is dangerous.,

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