Shamlin Adams – Texas

Been lied to, manipulated and flat out cheated on by this dude and wanted to put it out there so maybe it’ll give someone else a heads up before then put all their heart into someone that is absolutely selfish and not ready for what he says he’s ready for. From the start he told me he wanted the same things even when I said I was ok with the fact of him not being ready for a relationship or just wanted a friends with benefits thing. Whatever. I made it clear whatever he was ready for I’m willing to see where it goes. I on the other hand ready for commitment and to fully give my heart to someone and so on. So he says that’s the same thing he wants without adoubt. Little did i know that wasn’t the case. I found out he was talking to his and still had an emotional connecting with her. Day in and day out he would hide calls hide sweet texts, sending pictures to her and sharing our relationship issues making me look like I’m some horrible monster he can’t get away from. Yet telling me how much he loves me, blah blah blah. Later I find out he made me out to be this way to alot of females and his friends. I should have left after that but I chose to believe he was true to me and meant what he said about how he felt and he didn’t realize how it hurt me. Well apparently he was even lying to her. Long story short he had subscription to all kinds of sex sights and local dating apps. Even when he waswith his girlfriend before last that thinks he could do no wrong. He paid for a nice hotel to have sex with his brother’s girlfriend which is no surprise given the fact that he’s had sex with her ona different occasion while he lived with his brother and his brother and her got into a fight. Welp Shamlin swooped in and had sex with her in his brothers apartment. When asked by his brother he told him they fooled around but never told him they actually had sex. The chick that gave his brother ghonoria. All of this info he confirmed with me. I had to find a picture that he took of the hotel room in his phone to even figure out what he did. What gave it away was the bag he grabbed before he left was sitting on the bed. Didn’t use protection, told me he did, ignored my calls and so on. Later tells me he did it out of spite . When I bring up anything about how I feel he flys off the handle. He shows no remorse. God forbid you catch him in lies and your to blame. Yet still tells you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. Honestly it’s my fault for believe his words instead of his actions. A week before he had sex with miss Merci I found out I was pregnant, that didn’t stop any of the bullshit. The last fight to break the straw was just like so many times before when we had a argument, inhis mind, we were splitting up and not together so he goes down the list informing all the stand by females that were no longer together as if it’s some open invitation. So when we had a disagreement and he told me he didn’t tell this new “temp bitch” anything about what’s going on with us yet wouldn’t let me see the conversation. Yet I find out he does like I knew he would. I was mad and called him out on it. I really wanted to know why it was her business, why he lied and why the hell were back to this. I was told how much of a bitch I am, how I should get an abortion, he hopes I die on the table when I give birth, I’m a stupid stupid cunt, throws a laundry basket at my face, yells and screams at me all the while I’m crying and really hurt that he can’t understand why I have feelings about anything. I know every situation therestwo sides to every story and I know I’ve probably antagonized him at time because I was so hurt and couldn’t understand why he remains so heartless and can’t just tell me he doesn’t love me the way I love him. Why he just drags me along and gives me false hope. Now I’m at a complete lose. Pregnant and lost because I thought things were different given the fact of trusting his words instead of my gut.

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