We booked a flight for my uncle to fly from Denver to Anchorage to come up for our annual 4th of July Fishing trip. We received a booking confirmation email with the dates and times of the selected flights, at a cost of $360.70. On the night before his flight, by uncle tried to check in and there was no booking listed for him. He called Alaska Airlines and they said there was no reservation in his name. When he called My Flight Search, he was told the credit card that we provided was declined (we were never notified of this and it has been a couple of months). He ended up paying Alaska Airlines over $1300 for the last-minute booking to get here on the date we initially planned. When we checked with the website, there was no booking listed, nor was an account even found using our information.

We contacted the credit card company and they had no record of any transaction in the original amount even being attempted, let alone declined. When we called MyFlightSearch today, the first agent couldn’t find any reference to the booking or our information, then he hung up on us! We called back (again) and the next agent did locate the booking and tried to tell us the card was declined and according to their notes they had called and left us a voice mail message that the card was declined; we never received any contact from them until we initiated it.

My question is how did we receive a booking number if the card was declined? What online service gives a confirmation before they process the credit card? Not impressed.

Is it possible to give zero stars?

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