Lanni The Liar – Alabama

I few weeks ago, i met a girl on tinder, her name is Lanni Gray. We chatted for a spell, ended meeting eventually. When we met, ally roommates were out of town. She came to the house, had a few drinks, ended up having sex. I jokingly texted one of my friends about the encounter cause you know “internet dating is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. She wasnt what i expected, kinda frumpy actually.

I sent boy a picture of her, it was a photo from tinder. Turns out my other roommate, his brother had been talking to her a couple weeks. My friend called his brother and told him what went down. He kinda brushed it off a first but, i could tell he was bothered by it cause he called and asked her about it

She denied it like it was nobody’s business. She even went as far as sending him pictures of her call log, saying she was with her little sister, sending him screenshots of texts from her mom… all to paint the lie. She even addes me to facebook and sent me an “angry” text message to make him believe i was lying.

Meanwhile my friend doesn’t know what to believe. He obviously started to like this girl and now doesn’t even speak to me. Im not a guy who lies about having sex with girls. Hell, i just had a dry spell cause i work a lot and didn’t have time to go out. She’s still lying about it til this day. Its almost three weeks later. And also she’s treating HIM as if he did something wrong to cover up her lie.

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