Jeffrey Chae Duckworth – Texas

Jeffrey Chae Duckworth is a 43 year old abusive addict who works for Builders First Source. Jeffrey is charismatic and even charming unless you look beneath the surface. He is extremely believable and sells you on whatever bullshit he claims as truth. If he needs to he will research the subject like passing drug tests, case laws , people’s psychological makeup and so on. Just to be able to manipulate and get his way . Most people buy into his lying, controlling, manipulative ways. He will use you and deplete you until there’s nothing left and move on to the next poor girl . He is a narcissistic sociopath and a extremely violent one. His gaslighting expertise is dangerous. No respect for women . He punches and kicks and pulls women’s hair. He has burned them with cigarettes. Has good aim on a moving target. He has thrown a brick through a moving car trying to get away from him . Destroyed a car and most of a home with his bare hands. He is a thief and will take your things if you’re not looking. He cheats with escorts and whatever poor girl gives him the time of day . Escorts are his favorite , especially when he is using. He will take anything just to get high. Testosterone makes him more of a violent cheater. He claims not to be this guy yet if dig deeper you’ll see right through his bullshit. You will know who he really is. A spoiled boy who has grown into a violent, fit throwing, cheating, woman beating, brat without consequences for his behavior. He has been enabled by his family and honestly thinks he is entitled to act that way and that he is the victim . He uses the police and works the system to get his way. He put his girlfriend in jail after beating her and stealing the rental and while in jail he stole all her money her things and filed a protection order against her even though he was beating her for the past 3 years . She wouldn’t file reports against our advice and even took the blame when he would get in trouble. He has filed against her and lied to police and made himself a victim with his paper trail because he is so scared his probation will get violated and he will end up in prison where he belongs. A three felony offender on probation and knows how to fool the probation department. He is a monster in disguise. A terror for my friend who’s lost everything to him. Watch out for him because he will leave you with nothing but anxiety, ptsd, broken bones , broke, homeless and in jail ,,,, all the while blame you and make himself the victim . You may find him on cityxguide or any escort site hunting , he is real big on porn and sex sites so date at your own risk . You’ll end up like all the other girls before. So please be cautious of this boy … he can fool you at first but eventually you’ll know what my friend had to go through.

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