Jared Anderson – Alabama

I met Jared Anderson November 2019, I did intake at the Madison County jail. We joked a lot and hit it off, had a few dates sporadically. Mainly hookups when we were off the clock or both took a lunch. I’d meet him on campus for a quickie in the car. I met his son a few times. Nothing too very serious at first, I’d never been to his place but he’d been to my place. He refused to wear a condom and I caught him tampering with my bc on a number of occasions. He eventually convinced me to get pregnant and I did in October of 2018. I told him a few weeks later and he fell off the face of the earth, he even quit UAH. When I began speaking to his coworkers trying to figure out how to find him I found out he was married during the time we were together and that his wife also had a baby on the way. I ended up quitting at the jail and began working on base. I have a high risk pregnancy and am due in May, the baby has a heart valve disorder that will need repaired at birth. This bastard needs castrated and I don’t want him near my daughter. I found him mentioned on this site while I was looking for more info on him. He went back to work for UAH after I quit at the Jail. He thinks he’s a cop and he thinks he can do no wrong. I feel for his wife Stefanie Anderson and her baby as I’m sure she has no clue he’s a habitual cheater.

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