I went on approximately November 18th, 2019 I purchased a Ford Expedition from Holmes Motors out of Birmingham, AL location. I drove the next day all the way to there Mississippi location to pick it up. Approximately three days later the engine lights came on and wouldn’t go no where. They had there repo team come get it and very nicely put me in a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica van around November 27th, 2019. I picked this up from there Montgomery, AL location. November 30th, 2019 I get an engine light on and error code P0305 (Cylinder Misfire on 5) Spark plug as well. The spark plug cost $15.00 and the Coil cost $73.00 with tax it was $86.79 and $150.00 for installation. Low and behold after 100 miles of driving the engine light comes back on and basically needs a new engine. Holmes Motors comes and tows it I get a call two days later saying it needs a new starter but they cant locate one. I drove a total of six hours and paid $270.00 for a new starter. Holmes Motors takes the van back puts in a new engine. I get the van back and stuff is looser than hell. There are bare wires showing I call them and let them know this immediately. I am told bring it down and it will have to be here two or three days. I haven’t had the time due to working non-stop and finding a good time to be without a vehicle for my kids. I am bringing this van down tonight and I DONT want it back until it is SAFE for my kids. If we cant get it that way I need a SUV (I will pay the down payment difference) or my money back. I have spent a total of $506.79 not including gas running all over the place and only been refunded $223.00. I am beyond pissed with this company and I have got NO WHERE. I have talked to so many people trying to get the rest of my money back I was promised it is not even funny only to get no where.

As shown in the video below the engine shakes back and forth without it even running. Going from drive to reverse to neutral the whole van rocks back and forth. The coolant line either during changing out the engine or with the motor rocking back and forth has caused it to be bent in half in two spots.

I just need a safe and reliable vehicle for my kids and family. If this cant happen like I say I gave two other options, If we cant come to an agreement and resolve all these issues I will be taking this to my attorney. I have given ample time and patients with all these issues. I expect the van to be thoroughly checked over I will not be bringing it back any issues within 30 days after getting it back Holmes Motors will need to come get it.

Exactly one month ago I got it back from Holmes Motors. They tightened the motor mount. I now had the engine light come on over the Fourth of July leaving me stranded again. The van is shaking again and engine light is flashing giving me error code P0305 (Cylinder Misfire on 5) Spark plug as well AGAIN. I brought it down to be fix 7/7/2020 they call me 7/8/2020saying it’s ready. I go back to get it get 50 miles away from dealership SAME thing happened. I go in this morning 7/09/2020 they tell me after sitting forever waiting this code reading machine is broke. They don’t know what’s wrong with it but it my responsibility to fix out of my pocket. This is bullshit. They had this issue three days after I bought it rebuilt the parts and now it fails again and it’s MY responsibility???

Almost $10,000 later and was in the shop more than I had it. Also engine is SUPPOSED to be under warranty. They tell me this isn’t under warranty but getting the SAME error codes since three days after I got it.

Joshua Lisenby

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