During October, I posted regularly on about my broken ankle and helped other users with their health problems. One user asked for recommendations of exercises that she could do while in a leg cast. I had found a particular Youtube video helpful when I had my leg cast. It showed a number of good exercises. The Youtube video was produced by a private individual as a public service, and did not promote any business. I also had no personal connection to the videomaker. However, when I posted a link to the video, it apparently violated a rule against posted links to “commercial websites”. The rule is questionable, since there is so much valuable information that happens to be on commercial websites. The purpose of the rule seems to be to monopolize ad revenue from website users, rather than to help users in any way. It had not occurred to me that posting a useful link could be against the rules. My post resulted in the website moderator immediately banning me from the website for a week. When I protested by email, I was banned permanently. The website is not about helping users. It is about monopolizing ad revenue and giving its moderator a vehicle for power trips.

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