• 2143 South Main Street Ellijay, Georgia U.S.A.

To Whom it may Concern: First, let me say that I generally do not complain much about anything, but the incident I am writing about has really made my blood boil. Every parent dreads receiving a call saying that their child or children were in a car accident. This, however, happened to me this past week. My only concern when I got the call was the safety of my children. I did not pay attention to who the Sheriff Department called to pick up my vehicle. My only request was that the tow company bring the vehicle to my business in East Ellijay. I met the driver of the tow truck, which belongs to Clark’s Towing, at my business and the first thing out of his mouth was “I have a bill for you.” I just said “Well, ok I figured that;how much do I owe you?” He then said “Your bill BUDDY is $350.00″ It caught me by surprise. I expected much less for a local tow 10 miles down Hwy.515. I replied,” That’s kind of steep. Why so much for a local tow?” He immediately got in my face, up close and personal, and said “YOU ARE SEARS AND A CROOK, ARE YOU NOT? Your bill is $350.00!” He did not hesitate to tell me he would take my vehicle to the impound lot and it would cost me more money if I didn’t produce payment. He also said years ago, I had ripped him off $100 on a tow, and now it was payback time. I had never met this man before in my life! It was probably another gouge job gone sour for him that he was recalling. I am sure there have been many of those in the past, considering his flagrent disregard in this matter. I did call him a choice name because he got in my face, but considering his bad work ethic and practice, he deserved much worse. It was a snowy night and I did not want to cause any trouble. Hoping to hurry so I could go home and check on my children, I said “Okay, I will get you a check” The driver of the tow truck immediately said ” I want my money in CASH, or your vehicle is coming with me and I can make more money that way!” Not wanting my vehicle impounded, I got the cash from my daily deposit for my business and paid him as he asked-in cash. He then released my vehicle and left. It’s hard to believe that there are no rules or regulations on these towing companies. No prices are advertised and they can charge anything they want when a person is most vulnerable. What if it were an elderly person or anyone for that matter who ran into this situation? Who keeps $350.00 cash onhand? No one anticipates this kind of treatment in an emergency situation….No one deserves this kind of treatment…ever!!! It seems that this company does not want an arm and a leg….they just want your money. Local businesses are hurting and families are struggling to make mortgages. If you are ever in a situation where you need your vehicle towed, Clark’s Towing proudly charges $350.00 for a ten mile tow. Have the cash ready. Concerned citizen Ellijay, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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