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My Magnum 06 was due for inspection and my wife found out that the vin number strip has moved inside the winshield and it can not be read, so it can not be inspected, we took the car to the dealer since the car still on warranty. The mileage is 29,300 miles on it, so when we talked to the service manager he said; “Is nothing I can do about it you are on your own, but this is a common problem with Chargers and Magnums!” We called Chrysler and they gave us a reference work order, we left the car for two complete days and they called us to tell us that they are not going to fix it because is too expensive to remove the winshield. I am not surprised of their decision, but I am surprised of their attitute to me as a customer, this is the place where our car get service every time since we bought it. I will solve the problem one way or the other but I will never buy any car or service from this Chrysler/Dodge dealer in my life. The people on the 800 customer service are also useless, like the way the service is going in the car industry today. Thanks for nothing Landers Dodge and Mr. Scott Saxton (service manager). I will pass the message, from now on I only will buy foreing cars! Responsible consumer Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.

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