I am writing this for those wanting to know if they can trust a real estate agent if he himself refuses to pay for services provided to him. Chris Sanders, a realtor in the Kingston Ontario region, asked us to build a website for him and his real estate company in January of 2018 with a proposed launch date of March 2012. Deposit was paid to me on January 25. After two major delays on Chris Sanders’ part (vacation and a business decision on his part) he finally approved the design on April 18 and April 23 for two different page layouts, well after the proposed launch date. The content (writing) was not sent to us until May 4. Repeated requests for images (photos he wanted in the website) were never answered. The website was completed (with exception of the images) on May 30 and we requested Chris Sanders to review and to provide those missing images. These requests (by phone and by email) between June and October were not answered. The final invoice was emailed to Chris on June 21. I continued to email and leave voice mail for Chris between June and October. I finally was able to speak with him on October 3 when someone in his office transferred my call to his phone line and he complained that the website was not up in March. I am not sure how a website can be built by “March” when he hadn’t approved the design until “April”. He said he would call me back within a few days as he was busy at the moment. No surprise to me, Chris did not call me back. I was able to call his office and get transferred to him again on November 2. All he said to me was “I have nothing for you” and hung up – meaning he was not paying up.

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