I have used Century 21 Consolidated to manage my residential property located in Las Vegas, NV for approximately two years. I have always had problems with their service but things got worse during the last year of doing business with them which was on October 31, 2014. It all started around June 2018 when the tenants moved out at which time I learned that Century 21 did not renew the yearly lease with them which meant they were on a month to month for six months without my knowledge. Had I know about it, I would have never approved such an arrangement. The problem got worse. The property was then vacant for five months. I sent repeated emails about getting the property rented and requested status reports and very seldom did I get my calls or emails responded to. When I finally pushed to get the property rented and with constant follow ups, I was told that people wanted pets and/or a washer and dryer and that would help to get the property rented. All I got was a bunch of excuses why their focus was not put on getting my property rented. Around the middle of October 2018 I was informed by the Property Manager that my outside air conditioner was stolen. Unfortunately, my insurance did not cover theft/vandalism because my property was vacant for more than 30 days. I then asked Century 21 Consolidated for good faith help in replacing the unit since they were aware of this theft problem in LV, especially with vacant property and did nothing to prevent such action or protect my property. They of course refused to accept any responsibility. I then started to realize that I was not receiving monthly cash flow statements for about five months. When I inquired about that, I then received June, July, August and September statements. To this date, I still have not received the closing statement for October 2018 or received any of my reserve monies. After reviewing the late statements I began to notice charges for items that should have been charged to the tenant. I was never able to resolve this issue with the Property Manager. I have to say that as a result of their very poor management service I surely suffered a substantial financial loss. I am now working with a very professional Property Management service that got my property rented in less than a month without having to do what Century 21 Consolidated said was needed to rent the property. In Summary: This has got to be the worse realtor you will ever do business with. As a property owner, I can speak from experience. If you like to receive statements every four to five months instead of monthly, like to be constantly lied to, like your phone calls, emails, text messages ignored for weeks until you constantly follow up for a reply, like to have your property vacant for five months and only given excuses as to why it’s not rented and even after you do what they ask it still is not rented, like to have your AC stolen and not even informed of the known problem in LV with properties that are hit on because they are vacant (they do not care about your property or watch over it), like to be charged for damages/repairs that are caused by the tenants, like to have tenants occupy your property for five months without signing a new lease and not informed of such action. If you enjoy this type of service and disrespect, then this is the Property Management service for you. Do yourself a favor and avoid this realtor at all costs. After all this abuse and disrespect, I finally wised up and got a new Property Manager and am happy to report that my property was rented in less than a month despite what Century 21 Consolidated said were the reasons it was not rented.

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