Here comes the opportunity meeting say it with me 1.2.3 JUICE!!! All aborad the rat race of minimum wages (11-12hr) while you’re working harder and putting in (no paid) overtime with nothing to show for it!!! Come take a whirl wind ride on the ever revolving door bringing young people in (with no experience) and kicking old people out (people who know better than to stay). And all for the lucky chance of creating passive income for years to come! Step right on up boys and girls you don’t want to miss this gravy train! You see we take everbody on and we’ll hire you the next day just make sure you have a great attitude and keep your S.E.E factors together but you’ll learn more about that on day 1 after you’re hired! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, it’s the very first interview and you barely know what your job title is. Now, don’t ask so many questions or you might come off aggressive just node your head and smile we’re wrapping things up quickly here. Alright there are 4 stages to this CULT indoctrination (1.Rep 2.Supervisor 3.Assistant Manager 4.Manager) But it’s your first day and we must shower you with praises for getting on the board and making your first sale! In a cult this is called “Love Bombing,” to make you feel welcomed and have happy feelings here so you can keep coming back and not quit. Now listen up rep, you have 1 job to do today in our morning meeting! Just say something great about the 8 steps because we have other reps watching and we gotta make sure you guys are all thinking alike so you don’t come up with logical reasons on why you didn’t sale today! So let’s talk about your attitude and how you lost it but got it back so that we can all relate. Now keep quite the manager is talking about how much he/she hates the field but went through the struggles and now they are financially free. Don’t you want to be just like them selling inside retail stores for years and years to come! How many years do you want to throw down the drain!!! One day you’ll open up your very own office and wonder if this job is as great as it sounds then why do so many people quit and so many open offices. A fact that can’t be answered with a fact only a general statement something like, “They just didnt have what it takes!” Say it with me 1.2.3 JUICE!!! I’ll tell you some real knowledge I did this for 5 years Newbie! and the reps made more money than me! I’ve ran circles around top salesmen. Been there and done it! Get out while you can because in the end it’s a SCAM! -JUICE to that! youtu.be/wyCRzBt7GuY thedevilcorp.wordpress.com/

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