He wanted to entice me to be one of his runners; I told the man that I don’t do that.. Be careful: be smart; he finds people to take cases fromother lawyers as I was. Later I find out he is tried in with a huge network, corporate type machine. We end up in his office because of the network for profit they have in place and sellouts… Don’t let them give you the worst attention; you deserve better. You need to be heard out if yo uhave a case.. Get smart, put them, esp James Shaw on you s*** list. Carabin & Shaw are the worst lawfirm I had to deal with. I was lured in by a man they hired as a runner to change lawyers and it to them; they would give mejustice I was told. Attorney James Shaw tried to give me the whole song and dance that he was my firend and wanted justice… but all he cared about was his agenda: profits, referrals. I wanted humanitarian restitution not essentially all dollars; but he wanted a hefyty return for him so he blew up the final tall of the award his way… Lots of money came in. In the end, I didn’t get the basic things I wanted to accomplish with the lawsuit… He took a large bite and his partner. Before I complained.. He tried to make me a runner for his lawfirm. I told him “are you crazy; I don’t want to go to jail”…I am not into referrring cases. He is cunning andskilled at calming waters when he needs to.. I was like cattle to him… In the end i saw his attitutde, like he is up there in the balcony and I don’t here. He misplaced the aims of my lawsuit for damages.. I am not going to enrolling in an underworld, underground economy to make anyone rich. Basic dignity was all I wanted it; he took it away as much as he could. He even told me about his extra curricular activiities that I didn’t want to hear about. The macho man he is with the oppositive sex and the extra pleasures of his “job”. A hedonist he is. Don’t trust him.. take you case elsewhere. You can’t outscam these lawyers; they are like con artists who have been doing for so long. How can you out con a con? YOu can’t… James Shaw you are a dehumanizer as a lawyer, not a humanizer of institutions and of genuine, bona fide human need. As for the people,find someone makes you feel whole; not a grain in a huge dirty agenda.

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