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To Whom it may concern, I am a military member stationed in Korea away from my wife and 30 month old son. I’ve been here 11 months, had to do a year. Anyway I paid off a debt way back on August 11, 2005, and have a receipt to prove it. I’ve faxed it to Calvary Portfolio and Mitsubishi motors, but I have been turned over yet again. I am in the process of purchasing a new vehicle. In March when my credit union first started my loan application they noticed that Calvary Portfolio had looked at it, but had not done anything yet. When they looked this week to finalize my application they had opened a collection on it, my interest rate went from 8% to 18%!!! What do I have to do to prove to these idiots that I dont owe them anything? I’ve even had a lawyer from back home send them the letter. I am getting a military lawyer Wednesday. They do not even have an email address, all I can do is call. This is the fifth time I’ve been turned over to collections for a debt that has been paid off!! I’ve sent the letter to Mitsubishi motors three times already!! I only have two weeks left in country, then I have 14 days to sell my house in Louisiana, pick up the truck I bought, and get settled into my next duty station in Colorado Springs. Please, please give me any help you can. I did not want to sue Mitsubishi motors, or Calvary Portfolio, but I now know I have no choice. I don’t have time to be wasting for court and all that. Thanks Robert l. templet jr. Bossier City, LouisianaU.S.A.

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