please no one buy a puppy from these people they are a puppy mill the have a stud building where they keep there English bulldog males the building was about an eight by ten building and she had like 12 stud bulldogs cramed in two by two kennels not clean either there pins and building was filthy and the dogs were in horrible health one had a cut on his neck and was really bad infected. She also studs her males out one especially Casanova which she keeps in her house the poor dog could barely walk and he is only four very bad health we used her for stud services and one of our females came home with a yeast infection in her ear eyes and uterus she is now unable to have puppies ever my other female she cut her cherry eye out without my permission I asked her why and she said it was ugly so she cut it out now my female is blind I would definitely stay away from this lady she treats her dogs like crap bulldogs are wonderfull pets why cage them let the roam and play. Thank you

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