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Buff It Car Wash in Orlando, FL claims their goal is to provide a friendly service and a fair price. The word “friendly” is used several times throughout their descriptions on their website. However, after communicating with several staff members, their service is indeed “un-friendly”. When picking up a car after having the interior and exterior cleaned, two chips were visible on the car. These chips were not noted on the receipt when the car was dropped off, but two others scratches were noted. The chips were not noted because they were not there. After speaking with several Buff It employees, the manager came out to speak with us. The manager explained that he would not do anything about the chips because they were from prior damange. The chips were in an area where another car had scraped against the car about a year. Although the ar had prior damage in that area of the chips, the chips were NOT there when the car was dropped off. The main problem experienced with Buff It Car Wash is what they consider their “friendly” service. The manager (Tony) quickly became irrate. When I asked why he was screaming he said he was not. Tony said my mother (the owner of the car) was “trying to pull a fast one” on him. He and his staff members also insisted that the car had body work done, which is completely inaccurate. The car has only ever had one owner and has not had body work, however the staff at Buff It insisted they could see where body work had been done. The staff member that checked the car in said he probably didn’t see the chips because they were covered in dirt. I tried to explain to the manager that I have the same car in the same color and it is dirtier than the other car was when it was brought in. If it had a chip, it would be visible, even through the dirt. The manager cut me off mid-sentence and I replied by saying, “Excuse me, I was speaking.” He said, “I don’t care if you’re speaking, I’m having a conversation with your mother.” If I were a teenager or a child, I could see where this response would be acceptable, however I am an adult and do not expcet to be spoken to that way, especially by someone running a company who claims to have such “friendly” service. In the end, nothing was resolved other than the manager storming off. Please be aware that this company who prides themself on “friendly” service does no such thing. Even a Buff It employee said, “He gets like that.” I responded that if he is running a business, he needs to learn how to communicate with the customers in an appropriate manner. The employee agreed. Why advertise friendly service when that is not what you will find? Why write down scratches or prior damage when you will make excuses for how damages got there that were NOT written down? Carly Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.

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