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I own a 93 mercedes 600 SL, the first and only year of the 600SL. It was also the first year they brought in the V12, pushing nearly 400hp. I bought the vehicle at a very low price and have put in over 200 hours of documented repairs to bring it to original condition. The lower mainland requires all vehicles to be aircared to ensure low emisions. All I needed to complete the certification is to replace the catalytic converters. This vehicle comes standard with a stainless steel exhaust system. The original replacement cats are valued at over $2400, so I cut corners and ordered aftermarket at a fraction of the price. These new after market cats required a lot of bending to correctly fit them, so instead of trying to attempt it in my fabrication shop, I decided to take it to professionals that I could be assured with a quality repair. After getting a quote of $800, I left it with them for the day. They were to have it ready by the end of the day, but at 4:00 I still had not heard from them. I called and was told by the receptionist that I would receive a call back. The next day I received a call to pick it up. I got there just before their closing time and was told to come back the next day because they were in a rush to close. I ran in the next morning and took it directly to air care. It ran quiet, but unfortunately failed NOX terribly. I took it up on my joist later that evening to have a look at the work. I was in dis-belief to see the so very poor quality in their workmanship, not to mention they had replace to cats with 2′ ports to a single cat with smaller ports (YOU NEVER RESTRICT FLOW ON A PERFORMANCE VEHICLE) I took many pictures of the system and ran it to my mercedes teck. One look at the pics and the mechanic was baffled that they would release such poor quality and that this was the reason for failing the aircare. I went back to Budget Brake and muffler and complained of their repair. The owner offered me my money back on the labour but not on the parts. I agreed. Today I picked up the cheque and it was rounded down to $400 instead of $500. Now Im still out $400 and further behind then when I started. THESE GUYS SUCK, I will definately be circulating the pictures and my experience of this shop

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