In July 2009, I ordered brake rotors and pads. My credit card was immediately charged. Later that afternoon I received an email indicating that “due to large volume my parts were backordered and would be available in 10 days.” A couple of hours after that I received another form letter indicating that my slotted rotors were delayed at the electro-plater. I responded back indicating that I didn’t order slotted rotors. They responded with an email saying that I had received the wrong template. I waited the 10 days and heard nothing. I sent another email to them asking for status…no response. I called and was put on hold and nobody ever returned to the phone. I called again and was disconnected. Finally, they responded to an email I sent and indicated that my order was delayed because they were moving into a new warehouse. They said my order would ship in 2 days. I waited another week and received nothing. Again I tried to contact them with email and phone calls…again I received no email response and I was repeatedly “disconnected” when I called. Finally after another 2 weeks, I cancelled my order. It took 2 more weeks and 3 more emails and calls to get confirmation that my order was cancelled. The last email indicated that I would receive a full refund to my credit card within 48 hours. I waited another week, no refund. I finally turned it over to my credit card company along with all the emails to see if they could get any response. That was 3 weeks ago, still no word. I understand that they are now doing business as When I called that number I got the same “customer service” people as when I tried to call I hope nobody is foolish enough to order from without checking them out. I wish I had. Good luck to anyone who decides to try them….you’ll probably need it.

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