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In April I put in a rental application and it was approved by the property manager Mrs Lee. On the same day I gave her a money order for the deposit and the first month rent in weely instalments. Mrs Lee informed me that she has a property for me but it needs some work done to the house because of last tenant. This process took up to five months due to a roach infestation from the last tenant. On August the 28 I and Mrs Lee sat down to sign my lease. Toward the end of month I was in informed that Mrs Lee was fired. another property manager knocked on my door and asked why am I leaving here because this house should be vacant. I showed her my lease to prove that I lived here, they asked for my receipt of payment I showed to them. they In formed me that Mrs Lee was stealing money orders from me and future tenents like me. So I gave them all copies of my bank receipts and payment receipts for deposits and rent. So I thought everything was okay I payed my rent on time and took care of my rental property. Towards the middle of october they called me to fill out another application for me to rent, which I filled twice before in april and june. On Nov 7th thay gave me a thirty day noticice. I am asking for your help. In the last few months I haved been lied to, money stolen from me and the rental company trying to kick me out my home. Stephen Davenport (((redacted))) Columbus, OH 43222 Password

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