On December 20, 2017 we took our tractor/trailer into the Blue Beacon on I-20 in Dallas at exit 472. We had them both washed and paid our $61. We drove home approximately an hour away and when we backed in and got out of the truck realized that since it had dried they did a really bad job. The panels under the doors were not clean, the back of the tractor and the fairings were still filthy, the front of the trailer/reefer unit were still filthy. We called them immediately and the person we were told was the manager got on the phone and said we could bring it back in. Having been on the road for almost 3 weeks, and being an hour away we told him that wasn’t happening that day. He said no problem, we could take it to another location and have them call when we went back out, he got the phone number and said he’d look at the tape and see what happened and call back. He called back, said he could see on the tape what they had missed and he would send us out a coupon for a rewash that day. The coupon was not in the mail before we left on Sunday on our next load out, so we assumed it would be there when we got home. Arriving home we found no coupon and when we called were told they’d check into it, Jeremy the “manager” said he’d never talked to us and that they only allow 48 hrs for a rewash, and he’d meet us half way with a $20 coupon. Their motto is ” Working hard to be your truck wash”, I say their motto should be “working hard to get your money in our hands whether we deserve it or not, once we have it you lose” There are lots of independant washes out there that do a better job, charge less and want the business…they will get ours for certain…and I’m going to put signs on my rolling billboard next week.

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