I was harassed and threatened by bullies, so I defended myself with pepper spray. The police charged me with assault and threat since there weren’t independent witnesses to the incident. So I hired lawyer Mr. Jocquese L. Blackwell to defend me at the Phoenix Municipal Court. He stated that I had a solid case with a high chance of winning. He made many promises to me including conducting a full investigation on the bullies, the arresting officers, and the police reports, but almost none of his promises were kept. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even bother with information I tried to give him which demonstrated that I was the real victim in this case. After taking his fees first, he went to trial with very little preparation, asking trivial questions, and not making any convincing arguments to prove my side. The result was a full conviction on all false charges made by the police and the prosecutor. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Mr. Blackwell still made another lie after the trial that he can overturn my conviction, and all I had to do was to remind him to file after six months. But after six months of waiting, and a few more chasing after him to fulfill his latest promise, I discovered on my own that Arizona had no such procedure. Instead, it had another procedure called ‘setting aside a conviction’ for closed cases, which doesn’t overturn a conviction, but merely allows ignoring a conviction from employment check. But I found out that my case didn’t even qualify for that since I had a three years probation and that made my case open. Mr. Blackwell, an experienced lawyer, knows such basic laws and procedures, yet he lied to me anyways. He took my money and conned me instead of spending the time, effort, and quality defense he was paid to do as I trusted him with my live. I wonder how many others did he also deceive.

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