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O ordered a “Certified Refurbished Scooter” from Black Widow Inc ( Their website claimed it would be in 100% working condition and have only minor cosmetic flaws or dents. I was dumb enough to order COD because they were offering a 10% discount for COD orders. I received the scooter a few days later with the following issues: 1. Chain loose due to extremely warped bracket not holding it on correctly 2. Wires connecting cutoff switch broken 3. Hardware to attach the seat is missing 4. Hardware to attach part of the gas tank is missing 5. Scooter beaten up beyond “minor scratches and dents” as indicated on their website I immediately emailed them requesting assistance then a few days later sent another email requesting a working scooter as they had advertised. They replied nearly a week later to say “those problems happened in shipping” and they wouldn’t do anything to help me. I emailed them once more telling them it was a ridiculous claim to say all those problems happened in shipping, and furthermore that I was no mechanic and could not fix a problem like the cutoff switch wires being severed completely! They told me once again the problems happened in shipping and then had the arrogance to tell me a mechanic could “fix the problem in about 25 minutes” like it was my responsibility! FINALLY the worst part- They CHANGED their website today and the line saying the refurb scooters are all in “100% working condition” has been removed. As for the general quality of the scooter well it was crap. Even if one was to believe their ridiculous claim that everything broke in shipping what does that tell you about the scooter? My advice to you- DON’T deal with this company and if you do don’t even think about using COD because you’re basically giving them cash. Their 10% incentive is a slick move so that people cannot get their money back (like if they used a Credit Card..) Steve Elverson, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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