This Parent Facilitation organization is appointed by the Family Court system when there is high conflict with the idea that they will reduce conflict, reduce litigation and help the children involved. In my experience the opposite has happened and there is no organization that overseees this company so they act above the law and charge as they see fit and there is no recourse. You can pay for a hearing and request that the parent facilitators be removed or replaced but this is an expensive gamble and unfortunatly the facilitators can choose to “report” you to the Judge and write scathing reports that include no supporting documents as they did my case making it next to impossible for thier services to ever be replaced. Bradley Craig and Kim England have acted in an unprofessional and dishonest manner that has been harmful to my children. They require that they be included in all communication between you and your ex spouse so that they can comment on the messages without any fact checking and charge you $50 for each email reguardless of who sent it if they feel the need to comment. They require $200 per hour face to face “sessions” that are not recorded and you are prohibited from talking about with anyone where they often yell and make inappropriate comments. A few weeks after the “session” they send out a bullet point style list that raraely matches what was discussed, but you cannot question them about it or they become upset and increase the “sessions”. In my case they became upset and demanded $200 per hour “sessions” every 2 weeks ontop of the $50 per email. These seceret “sessions” are only held during business hours and required me to take off an excessive amount of time work and placed me at risk of loosing my job. Bradley Craig and Kim England failed to have any contact with our childrens therapist even after he reported my ex spouse to child protective services and have never met my children but they make broad statements for them that are not true and conflict with what the therapists say. Bradley Craig is now the star witteness for my ex spouse who is suing me for custody. There is a Texas code that the Parent Facilitators are supposed to follow but there is no agency that ovesees this orianization so they can do as they please with no oversight. Bradley Craig and Kim England appear to be the people that teach other people how to become a Parent Facilitator. It is a shame that this group is allowed to profit from a broken legal system at the expense of children and hard working families.

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