Benjamin R Cross – Alabama

Ladies beware. He has sex with anyone who will put out. He appears to be caring and loving to get what he wants. He wants sweet girls so they put up with his crap. Sex is what drives this man! He was married and cheated on his wife with another lady. He has been in and out of relationships due to alcoholism, cheating and lies. He was in a LTR for two years and met a lady on a cruise ship and began a relationship with her while dating another. When that didn’t work out he moved on to the next while still dating his LTR lady. He does not know what the truth is. He cannot go through a day without drinking volumes of vodka. He goes to bars and gets so drunk he cant even remember how he got home. He would disappear on his GF and tell her he was at a friends home when he wasn’t. He told his LTR lady he loved her and only wanted her while he was chasing tail. All lies. He cant stay faithful for long. He gets bored. He pretends to be a good family man with his children but it’s an act. He can’t pretend for too long. Ben is immature, financially unstable, loaded with debt, high strung and gets angry quickly when questioned about his whereabouts. Ben has commitment issues. He will say he wants an exclusive relationship but he means for that the lady … not him. He tells everyone bad things about his partner so when he is caught with his pants down he can save face and say he was the one who was hurt. run!!! run!!! run!!! My sweet friend went through this with him and she was almost destroyed by him.

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