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I was renting a house from NHAT NGUYEN,tht was not even livable my family n i,cleaned it up,painted it ,did all the maintence work,n made the house a home ,i paid my rent in full EVERY MONTH,i fell a month bhind ,he immediatelycontacted BART LEVY,i recieved a court date ,but before the date i paid NHAT NGUYEN ,all the moneys owed to him plus n extra 200.00,he was supposed to contact his lawyer totell him he was paid ,instead he kept collecting rent every month in cash ,i have all reciepts ,i then told him i will no longer pay until i recieved a NEW LEASE,n i was going to call L&I,because the electricty was sooo bad i would no longer plug things in,in return i told him iwould c him in court he threatened me by saying if i went to court he would IMMEDIATELY EVICT ME AFTERWARDS,he then came to my house the night bfre court with a new lease my husband signed it i refused to sign it because I DID NOT TRUST HIM,i had a legal document(new lease)until feb.28th, 2 wks later he came to my door n gve my family 20 minutes to vacate the home,he threw my family out ,using the judgment that was already paid,BART LEVY stood next to him in court n both of them swore under oath to a judge while lying thyre a**** off!!

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