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first of all i will talk about the owner and thief.he steals money from everyone who walks through the door even his own mechanic so i have heard.he sits behind his desk or on his computer smokin his 20 dollar cigars he buys with his stolen money.they call him honest larry so far from honest i have ever seen.people have come in to purchase a car fill out a credit application for the bank denied need a co signer and he will forge a signature just to get them approved how wrong is that? looking to steal the next persons money if his wife does not lose it.hahaha.the scatter brain.ok now the junk every car he has the bank owns when the bank man comes he has to go and find the cars he has sold bring them back pull the plates off until the bank man leaves cause he has not paid them off just kept the banks money the thief.why he would mark up a junk car 2 or 3 thousand dollars more is beyond me. they should all go right to the junk yard he never fixes anything just barkeaters it lots of duck tape and paint thats all he does.junk junk junk.and his mechanic the murderer take your car there to have fixed let him steal your money. need a car go to barkeater auto junk yard best deals around. ask for larry barney. Gigolo Bloomingdale, New YorkU.S.A.

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