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After an accident my almost 80 year old dad was in, the police contacted Bankers Towing company to tow his car home. The driver quoted my father 200.00 for the tow, said he’s give my dad a ride with the car. My dad sat in the car for 1/2 HOUR while the meter was running and the driver swept up the broken glass from the accident (not from my dads car either, from another car that was involved!) Then on the way to drop the car and my dad off, the tow truck driver missed the last exit to get to my dads house then turned around and missed it AGAIN. When he finally got to my dads house he told my dad it would cost almost DOUBLE what he originally quoted him THEN told him he was going to add another fee to drive his tow truck back to the shop! My dad called him a crook…the tow truck driver called the police and told them that my dad threatened his life…Mind you this, my dad is disabled…can hardly walk….was JUST in an accident, this tow truck driver was around 20 years old, fit….yet he was afraid my white haired disabled dad was threatening him? If he felt that way, why didn’t he take off in his tow truck? He called the police, and because someone was so called “threatened” the police had to follow procedure and took him to jail. This tow truck company has record of overcharging and screwing people and calling the police on people if they don’t “comply” after the fact. They do not stand behind what they do. They are a RIP OFF. I hope my dad takes them to court and sue’s the pants off the owner and driver who LIED. ME SEATAC, WashingtonU.S.A.

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