It is so sad. I am a lawyer and I am very, very ashamed of my profession. We as lawyers know the law. We know how to dance alone the edge of what is legal and what is illegal. It is so sad. What happened to honesty or integrity? I have seen my fellow lawyers break the law day after day. I have seen my fellow lawyer lie, cheat, and steal. It is a very sad thing and I know why we have such a horrible reputation. AVVO.COM is just another extention of the lies that we lawyers have done since the begining of our profession. My father wrote a very thorough review about a lawyer on avvo.com. His review was accpted then less than 12 hour later the lawyer who my father wrote about responsed and then my dad’s review was off avvo.com. Then I notice the following day that the same lawyer that my dad wrote about had another review (obviously written by him) about how wonderful of a lawyer he was. The was NOT one negative review about this lawyer. I tried to contact avvo.com to no avail. I have never trusted online review. You should not trust avvo.com either. I am so said what we, lawyers, have done, do, and will continue to do. I am so ashamed. There are still some very good honest noble lawyers out there in the world but the herd is going thin.

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