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Ordered a car door on-line for 98 dollars. Ccard charged immediately. No shipping cost available on their order status website. I called several times. On hold a lot. No part. Finally found that they had a part in stock, it was damaged, so they replaced the part, but lost the order somehow. “Replacement part coming.” All of a sudden, I see on-line another Ccard charge of 154 for “shipping” from these guys. I figure its for BOTH the part and shipping. So I call several times, on hold forever. Conseula, finally, says, you have to talk to Steve. He confirms that it’s shipping charge only. I say “don’t ship” & cancel the part order and please refund my order. “OK” they say. “Cancelled”. I wrote an email to confirm the cancellation. This never happened. I asked for help from Ccard company for a chargeback for both. Finally, after months, they credited the 98 for the part, because I never got it, but they would not fight for the shipping. Me out 154. As part of their defense, they supplied the credit card people with bogus shipping info, copied to me, even having some other persons part order and name on it. So I called the guy on the shipping papers and asked about his experience with the Car Parts International people. He said he got his part, but was very very surprised to see the ridiculous shipping costs so high, but he just shut up about it. Car Parts International was very painful to deal with, NEVER calling back, lying about policy, and rude, and a very costly mistake. They are a horrible ripoff. I see them noted in the CA BBB, too, as having a known repeated shipping cost scam. I wasted tons of my time and energy on this for over 6 months, and still lost. Alan Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.

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