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I googled for a lawyer to help me…Unfortunately I was caught right away with her seemingly accomodating , kind, amiable attitude. She would at first , zealous in communicating with me and her capabilities and skills to help me.Then, once she got the down payment she seldom had the initiative to call me, until I didnt hear from her anymore…Everytime i would call her, she would tell me “she is doin something and she is not going to waste my money…” I trusted at first, its one year now and NOTHING NOTHING happened to my case. Yes, this lawyer is a rip off , a swindler….Those who placed a report on this lawyer just confirmed what I had just been feeling and I kept ignoring bec I didnt want to think of bad things on people.But I am doing this to warn people NOT to trust this lawyer. I am waiting for the day of her karma. I cant imagine how people can have a peaceful conscience in earning a living by fooling and cheating people.

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