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I bought a 99 dodge neon in March of 2000, I was shown the contract and the I was aware of the high intrest due to my credit which I was ok with…the individual handling this sale then went in and got everything else needed and being that we seen the contract we went on to sign it and leave we were there for almost 11 hours(it was a tent sale so things went slow). About 2 months down the line I am getting calls saying my 97 Toyota has not been insured, I am like I dont own that car I own a dodge so to prove myself I took out contract to my surprise there it was on the contract a 97 toyota, I then contacted arcadia (transouth) about this I went back and forth for 2 years from dealer to arcadia and the only thing arcadia did was change the name and vin number of the car on the contract, that was not good for me I was not paying $11,000.00 with out intrest on a used dodge neon so I never signed that contract until it was done properly, they then convinced me they would refinance it according to the price of the dodge in 2000 I was fine with that and signed that so called refinance paper work to find out it was a amendment and it lowered my monthly payments but added almost 2 years on to my payment..I then decided to turn in the car in Febuary of 2004, it was auctioned off I was never informed of how much and now I am being harrassed by the creditor cause they want $7000.00 from me to clear this debt which in total I would be paying $17,000.00 for this dodge that I had to fix within 6 months cause there was break fluid in the transmission so that had to be replace. I also brought the car to them cleaned and handed them the keys I thought we had a fair relationship respectful atleast until I found out they lied and wanted me to pay repossion fees… I would not recommed them to anyone cause they cant even solve thier own mistakes they want the customer to be at fault and deal with the harrassments.. Erica Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.

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