• 12006 Pacific Hwy Sw Lakewood, Washington U.S.A.

I bough a 91 chev-corisa I relize after that it had no parking lights or taillight, took it to Ammaco to get it checked out. Was there at nine am took five hours alls they did was replace a fuse and putting wipers on at the tune of hundred & eleven dollars. Mad as a wet hen I started the car and notice smoke coming out of the light switch shut the car down went and told a worker who came out to check and said he did not see smoke are smell it. Went to other shop and they checked it out said my harness was melted went back to ammaco to see what they were going to do. Manager had other guy check it out and said the radio cause it. Had no choice but to get 2 shop to fix it.Being on SSD for now I had to depend on people to lend me money all total it came close to 900 dollars. Turn out instead of checking like they were suppose to there was a short in the wireing.I was shown the harness I do not know were to turn as I can not afford a lawyer but it is not right that they can walk away from this and I am left to repay this money Tweety Lakewood, WashingtonU.S.A.

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